TERBERG unveils new Kerbloader demonstration vehicle

The Terberg Kerbloader® range is developed specifically for ‘segregated at source’ kerbside collection of dry recyclables and food waste.

We designed the wrap for Terberg's new Kerbloader demo truck to be eye catching and highlight the multiple recyclable waste streams that can be collected thanks to a high level automated plastic/can press system, removable stillages, cardboard press unit and various storage compartments.  

Will Marzano, Managing Director, Terberg Matec UK:

“We are delighted with the livery on our new Kerbloader demo designed and installed by CVW. We simply asked them to come up something imaginative and eye catching and they certainly delivered. Not only does it look great, it can also carry over 1000 kgs of card, 1400 kgs of glass, tipping the glass out the rear to prevent tyre shred, cycle time the packer in under 15 seconds and empty itself within 3 minutes. Looks and brains!!”

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