Commercial & Fleet Wrapping

Installing vehicle wraps to your fleet of vehicles can make a powerful impact to your business profile. As a marketing tool, adding vehicle sign writing or a complete wrap is an excellent and cost-effective choice for advertising your business. 

The benefits of fleet wrapping

  • Maximising advertising opportunities 
  • Uniformed and professional aesthetic 
  • Paintwork protection 
  • Brand Awareness

A fleet of wrapped vehicles instantly creates the perception of a successful, established brand. Research proves that up to 75% of people say they recall what they see on wrapped vehicles. Combining eye catching graphics and high quality vehicle wraps will enable your business to quickly build brand awareness with your audience.

Make your vehicles work for you with 24/7 advertising 365 days a year

Choosing to wrap your fleet is particularly beneficial in circumstances where the vehicles are leased. With our wrapping product range, your fleet can be personalised without voiding your lease terms and can be removed at the end of your contract. Vehicle wraps also deliver added protection to the paintwork of your fleet. Preventing vehicle abrasions such as stone chips, reduces the risk of off hire damage charges. Vehicles that are well maintained and appear damage free will also build the perception of a professional business. 

As a fleet manager, you can make a significant contribution to your company's finacial goals by wrapping your fleet vehicles, which is a cost-effective method for boosting postive brand recognition and association


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