Interchangeable Wrapping

Refuse Collection Vehicle operators are taking advantage of our Interchangeable Wrapping service, allowing them to capitalise on the advertising space that its vehicles offer.

Interchangeable Wrapping offers the option for full or partial designs that can be renewed in segments, whilst keeping the design cohesive. This popular wrap type enables operators to update the vehicles design with key messages, advertisements or designs, without changing the complete vehicle wrap.

The benefits of Interchangeable Wrapping:

  • Cost saving in comparison to a complete wrap removal and installation
  • Regularly and easily update key messages and advertisement campaigns
  • Design remains cohesive and inline with your branding
  • Vehicle graphics can be renewed in a shorter time frame

We provide Interchangeable Wrapping as a partial or full product solution, which are defined as follows:

  • Interchangeable Wrapping – CBH (Chassis, Bodywork and Hopper)
  • Interchangeable Wrapping – BWH (Bodywork and Hopper)
  • Interchangeable – BWO (Bodywork Only)

Our team are available to discuss your requirements in detail, to create a bespoke Interchangeable Wrapping solution for your business. For further details please contact our team today.

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