The Advantages

Wrapping your fleet of vehicles has a number of benefits which can contribute to the success and growth of your business. There are different options for wrapping your vehicles, such as colour changing your entire vehicle, a full body and cab wrap or a body only wrap.  You can even have different images or messages on each side of your vehicle. Click here to see a downloadable infographic about the range of options available.

Our team at Creative Vehicle Wrapping have a wealth of experience wrapping commercial vehicles, and have a passion for elevating customers that we work with. If you are asking yourself whether you should wrap your vehicles, here are some of the many benefits.


Using vehicle wraps to brand your fleet is a great alternative to traditional forms of advertising. It's reported that branded vehicles can reach audiences in their thousands on a daily basis. Studies have proved that wrapped vehicles, travelling in major cities, can reach audiences of over 65,000 per day. With vehicles travelling in local suburban areas generating audiences of over 30,000 per day. 

Whether your vehicles are doing high or low mileage, adding advertisement wraps to your fleet will ultimately enable you to reach wider audiences with minimal effort. 

Cost Effective 

Vehicle Wrapping is an inexpensive way to promote your business, in comparison to most other forms of advertising such as magazine subscription advertisements or exhibiting at events.

Vehicle Wraps are thought to be the lowest cost-per-impression rate form of advertising, with your message and image being displayed 24/7 unlike TV and radio advertisements.

Your advertisements can be altered with ease when opting for Renewable Wrapping. This style of wrapping allows for sections of your vehicle wrap to be refreshed in a cohesive manner, reducing the time and cost associated with launching new marketing campaigns.

Brand Awareness 

A fleet of wrapped vehicles instantly creates the perception of a successful, established brand. Research proves that up to 75% of people say they recall what they have seen on wrapped vehicles. Combining eye catching graphics and high quality vehicle wraps will enable your business to quickly build brand awareness with your audience.


One of the most notable benefits of choosing to wrap your vehicles, in comparison to simply painting them, is the added protection to your vehicle. Wraps will prevent vehicle abrasions such as stone chips and other damage, which can often be costly to repair in volume. Vehicles that are well maintained and appear damage free will build the perception of a professional business.

As a fleet manager, you can make a significant contribution to your company’s financial goals by wrapping your fleet vehicles, as a cost-effective method for boosting brand recognition and building positive brand association.